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Find out what the weather was like during the murders.

Police Constable John Neil

Another aspect which can aid us in discovering who Jack the Ripper might have been is the utilization of weather records. We have all seen in a movie or read in a book at one time or another about the foggy streets of London in relation to JTR. Many might be surprised to learn that there was no fog during any of the times the Canonical Five died. What the average reader comes away with is more myth about Jack the Ripper, instead of fact. The same could also be said of how dark it was when JTR struck. While Jack did indeed kill some of his victims within darkened areas, he did not always kill at night. But, such myths continue.

There are two sets of weather records, each available from the Meteorlogical Office (Meteorological Library & Archives, London, UK):

The official records for the London Area (recorded at Camden Square, London).

The unofficial records for Whitechapel District (recorded by the Royal Meteorological Society, [RMS], at St Lukes, London).

The RMS records, while unofficial, are the closest currently available for Whitechapel.
Since Camden Square and St Lukes are some miles a part, there will be some differences between them.

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