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Knowing when something happened is
just as important as knowing what happened.

Inspector Frederick George Abberline

An enormous aid to the researcher is having an idea of who did what and when and where, as well as from where the information came. For without such information it would be difficult at best to determine how many JTR killed, let alone determine who he actually was. Therefore, a set of calendars for 1887 to 1889, a general time line, and a fully sourced & detailed chronology is offered for each of the Canonical Victims and Martha Tabram.

The time lines offered are provided as a research tool. There is no conscious attempt to reconcile any actual and/or alleged conflicts that may be inherintly induced from the various and numerous testimonies and statements, except to provide a position within the time lines relative to other events.

In some cases where actual times are not available, then an estimated time is parenthetically offered, which have been derived from the numerous and various testimonies and statements.

Only portions of the inquests are offered within the time lines.

Some time lines are lengthy and may take a while to fully come up - Thanks for your patience.

Many THANKS to the people who have contributed to this page:
Abberline image - Courtesy of Illustrated Police News.

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