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Information related to the study of Jack the Ripper may be obtained from the following:


    Public Records Office
    Ruskin Avenue, Kew
    Richmond, Surrey TW9 4DU, UK
    (MEPO & HO files)

    Greater London Record Office
    Northampton Road
    London EC1R 0AB, UK
    (Mary Jane Kelly inquest records)

    Corporation of London Record Office
    PO Box 270
    London EC2P 2EJ, UK
    (Catherine Eddowes inquest records)

    Meteorological Office
    Scott Building, Sterling Centre
    Eastern Road
    Bracknell, Berkshire RG12 2PW, UK
    (Weather records - Official & Unofficial)

    The British Library
    Map Library
    Great Russell Street
    London WC1B 3DG, UK
    (Maps on Whitechapel, Stepney-Bow, & Bishopsgate)

    The British Library
    Newspaper Library
    Colindale Avenue
    London NW9 5HE, UK
    (News articles - London news papers)

    Reference Library
    Bishopsgate Institute
    230 Bishopsgate
    London EC2M 4QH, UK
    Tel: 0207-247-6198
    (Kelly Directory, 1881 Census Records, "press cuttings")

    Family Records Centre
    1 Myddelton Street,
    London .EC1R 1UW, UK

    Guildhall Library
    London EC2P 2EJ, UK
    (newspapers on microfilm, maps and historical books about London)

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    Federal Information Center
    P. O. Box 600
    Cumberland, MD 21502, US
    (general information)

    The National Archives
    Archives I
    Reference Branch
    Washington, DC 20408, US
    (arrival ships' manifests since 1820, US census records)

    U. S. Immigration and Naturalization Service
    FOIA/PA Section
    Room 5056 425
    I Street NW
    Washington, DC 20536, US
    (Deportation records may require form, G-639)

    INS Historical Reference Library
    Washington, DC 20536, US
    (Immigration records may require form G-639)

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    Causeway Resources
    Middlesex, TW11 0HE, UK
    (historical research)

    Alan Godfrey Maps
    Prospect Business Park
    Leadgate, Consett
    Co. Durham. DH8 7PW, UK
    Tel. 01207-583388
    e-mail: alangodfreymaps@btinternet.com
    web site: http://www.alangodfreymaps.co.uk/
    (ordnance maps of London)

    Tower Hamlets Library: Local History and Archives
    277 Bancroft Road
    London, E1 4DQ, UK
    Tel. 0208-980-4366 extn. 129

    Patterson Smith
    Antequarian Bookdealer
    PO Box 8098
    Glen Ridge, NJ 07028, US

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