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The Mitre Square Area.

sketch of Mitre Square from New York Herald

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This map deals with the area of Mitre Square, the location of Catherine Eddowes's death.
The Fourth Canonical Victim.


See map on right for location of Golden Lane and how it relates to Mitre Square and Bishopsgate Police Station.

The Golden Lane is the location for the mortuary and for the Eddowes Inquest.

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Mitre Square is surrounded by Mitre Street to the West, King Street to the North, Duke Street to the east, and Aldgate to the South. A large and lit opening enters from Mitre Street; St James Place (the Orange Market) lies between King Street and Mitre square; PC Pearse's house and Morris's warehouse lie in the North-West corner; There is a narrow covered entry from St James Square; Between Mitre Square and Duke Street lie the Great Synagogue and another Kearly and Tonge's warehouse; To the South of this warehouse is Church Passage; Between Mitre Square and Aldgate is the Sir John Cass School, and to the right of the Mitre Street entrance are three unoccupied cottages.

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1. 29 Aldgate High Street
(Henry Phillips, Furniture Warehouseman)
2. The Bull Inn (25 Aldgate High Street)
3. Aldgate Post Office
4. the Imperial Club (16-17 Duke Street)
5. Church Passage
6. Kearley & Tonge Warehouse
(G. Morris was on duty)
7. Kearley & Tonge Warehouse
8. Empty House
9. PC R Pearse (3 Mitre Square)
10. William's & Co.
11. Mr Taylor's
12. Empty House
13. Empty House
14. Empty House
15. Yard & Passage
16. Horner & Sons Chemical Warehouse
17. George Clapp (5 Mitre Street)
18. Mitre Square (Murder Scene)
19. 36 Mitre Street
20. Dr Sequeira (34 Jewry St)
21. St. Botolph's Church
("The Prostitutes' Church")

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For sources used, refer to the Time Line of the specific victim.

Many THANKS to the people who have contributed to this page:
Modern map extract - Courtesy of Bartholomew.
Geographical assistance - Courtesy of The Viper.
Mitre Square image - Courtesy of New York Herald.
Pub address - Courtesy of Ripperologist, issue #22.
87 detail map extract - Courtesy of Goad's Fire Plan via Stewart Evans.
94 detail map extract - Courtesy of Godfrey's Ordnance Maps via The Viper.
88 area map extract - Courtesy of G. Bacon's New Large-Scale Ordnance Atlas.

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