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The Hanbury Street Area.

sketch of back yard, 29 hanbury Street from New York Herald

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This map deals with the area of Hanbury Street, the location of Annie Chapman's death.
The Second Canonical Victim.


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Hanbury Street curves South-East from Commercial Street to the junction of Baker's Row and Old Montague Street. #29 was on the North side of the street, between Wilkes Street and Brick Lane. 27 Hanbury Street was next door on the West side of #29.

29 Hanbury Street, a three-story building with residents living on each of the three floors and in the attic with a small business on the ground floor and one working out of the cellar. On the left-hand side of the buildings' front was two doors: the door on the right led to the shop. The door on the left opened to a passageway containing stairs to the residences and another door leading to the backyard.

#29 was owned by Mrs Amelia Richardson, who ran a packing case business out of the cellar and was assisted by Francis Tyler and her son, John Richardson. A cat's meat shop was in the ground floor front room and was used by Mrs Harriet Hardyman and her 16 year old son. The ground floor back room was a kitchen. Mrs Richardson and her 14 year old grandson slept in the first floor front room. The first floor back room was occupied by Mr Waker and his adult, retarded son. Mr Thompson, his wife, and their adopted daughter slept in the second floor front room. Two unmarried sisters, Misses Copsey, lived in the second floor back room. Living in the front room of the attic was John Davis with his wife and three sons, and occupying the attic's back room was Mrs Sarah Cox.

The passageway was sometimes occupied by unknown people at unusual hours, and the backyard was frequented by prostitutes. The door to the street was a latch-type, and the door to the yard was self-closing or 'swing-door'. Typically, neither door was locked as a courtesy to the residents.

Three small stone steps led to the yard, which was about 14' by 12'. The yard was part dirt and part paving stone. About 3' to 3'-6", left of the doorway, was a 5'-6" high fence made of wooden pailings, separating the yards of #27 and #29. To the right of the doorway, were cellar doors, which led to a workshop. Two feet away, on the right, was a water pump. At the yard's far left corner was a storage shed, and at the far right corner was a privy.

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1. To Brewer's Clock
and Church Row
2. Brick Lane
3. Murder Scene
(backyard 29 Hanbury St)
4. Albert Cadoche
(27 Hanbury St)
5. Laura Sickings
(25 Hanbury St)
6. The Black Swan
(23 Hanbury St)
7. Bayley's Pckg-Case Mfr
(23A Hanbury St)
8. Spitalfields Market
9. Spitalfields Church
10. Brushfield St
11. To Commercial St Pol Sta
12. To Dr Phillips
(2 Spital Square)

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For sources used, refer to the Time Line of the specific victim.

Many THANKS to the people who have contributed to this page:
Geographical assistance - Courtesy of The Viper.
Hanbury Street image - Courtesy of New York Herald.
94 area map extract - Courtesy of Godfrey's Ordnance Maps via The Viper.
73 detail map extract - Courtesy of Godfrey's Ordnance Maps via The Viper.
88 area map extract - Courtesy of G. Bacon's New Large-Scale Ordnance Atlas.

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