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Patrol Route of PC Smith.

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PC William Smith, 452H, came on duty at 10:00pm, Saturday, 29 September, 1888. His patrol took him 25-30 minutes. At c.12:35am, Sunday, 30 September, he passed through Berner Street, noticing Stride with a man standing near Dutfield's Yard. Having gone round his beat, PC Smith was again at the corner of Commercial Road and Berner Street at 1:00am; he noticed a crowd had gathered outside of Dutfield's Yard.

The patrol covered Commercial Road, Berner Street, Grove Street, Christian Street, and Fairclough Street. This particular beat was described as "the Berner-street beat."
(Some reports list Grove Street as Gower Street.)

This animation is an estimation, only, derived from the known streets that were patroled.

Play -- Stop 1. Commecial Road
2. Berner Street
3. Dutfield's Yard
4. Fairclough Street
5. Christian Street
6. Grove Street

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Sources used are The Daily Telegraph, 3 and 6 October 1888, and The Jack the Ripper A to Z.

Many THANKS to the people who have contributed to this page:
94 map extract - Courtesy of Godfrey's Ordnance Maps via The Viper.

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