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Testimonies of George Hutchinson and Sara Lewis.
The Last Known Sighting of Mary Jane Kelly.

Exterior picture of Mary Jane Kelly's room at 13 Miller's Court

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Lewis's and Hutchinson's Testimonies

* Hutchinson
* Kelly
* Man with Kelly
* Lewis
1. The Queens Head pub
(#74 Commercial St)
2. The Britannia pub
(#87 Commercial St)
3. #26 Dorset St
4. McCarthy's Chandler Shop
(#27 Dorset St)
5. Miller's Court (Murder Area)
6. Crossingham's Lodging-House
(#17 Dorset St)
Lo Temp: ~36 F
Cloud cover: 100%
Rain: ~.16 IN

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Sources used are The Daily Telegraph, 13 November 1888, and Scotland Yard file, MEPO 3/140, f.227.

Many THANKS to the people who have contributed to this page:
Geographical assistance - Courtesy of The Viper.
13 Miller's Court image - Courtesy of Stewart P. Evans.
Weather information - Courtesy of Meteorological Office.
73 map extract - Courtesy of Godfrey's Ordnance Maps via The Viper.

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