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Testimonies of Charles Cross and PC John Neil.
The Discovery of the Murdered Mary Ann Nichols.

Modern view of murder scene looking East down Buck's Row

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Cross's and Neil's Testimonies

1. Brown & Eagle
Wool Whses

2. Schneider's
Cap Factory

3. Walter Purkiss
(Essex Wharf)
4. Railway
5. Board School
6. Brown's Stable Yrd (Murder Scn)
7. Mrs Green
(#2 Buck's Row)
8. Tomkins, Britton, & Mumford
(Slaughter House)
9. Patrick Mulshaw
(Sewage Works)
10. To Dr Llewellyn
(152 Whitechapel Rd)
11. Street Lamp
Lo Temp: ~50 F
Cloud cover: 50%
Rain: ~.60 IN
* Cross
* Nichols
* Paul
* PC Neil
* PC Thain

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Sources used are The Daily Telegraph, 3 and 4 September 1888, and Scotland Yard file, MEPO 3/140, f246-247.

Many THANKS to the people who have contributed to this page:
Geographical assistance - Courtesy of The Viper.
Buck's Row image - Courtesy of Stewart P. Evans.
Weather information - Courtesy of Meteorological Office.
88 map extract - Courtesy of Goad's Fire Plan via The Viper.

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