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Detective Sergeant William Thick - Sketch and Picture

To aid in understanding some of the events that ocurred, 2-Dimensional animations are provided. These are based off of statements and testimonies and will typically revolve around the deaths or last known sightings of the Canonical Victims, as well as patrol routes for various Constables.

To help the researcher visualize major areas of concern, 3-Dimensional animations (virtual scenes) have been developed. These are based off of photographs, sketches, and written descriptions and will typically offer two views of the murder scenes of the Canonical Victims.

These animations are pictorial representations; Some literary license may exist because of the limiting aspect of the animation process.

On the maps used, North will always be at the "top" of the map, unless otherwise indicated.

Some animations are lengthy and may take a while to fully pre-load - Thanks for your patience.

Many THANKS to the people who have contributed to this page:
Thick picture - Courtesy of Stewart P. Evans.
Thick image - Courtesy of Illustrated Police News via Alex Chisholm.

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